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  • autismspeaks.org Autism Speaks is dedicated to increasing awareness of autism spectrum disorders, to funding research into the causes, prevention and treatments for autism, and to advocating for the needs of individuals with autism and their families
  • disabilityworld.com comprehensive information for the disabled
  • handicap-international.org.uk Official website of Handicap International UK. Works with disabled and vulnerable people
  • mndassociation.org MND Association
  • mndscotland.org.uk Supporting people affected by Motor Neurone Disease
  • restrictedgrowth.co.uk Restricted Growth Association
  • sisofrida.org Forgotten Sisters – A Report on Violence Against Women with Disabilities An Overview of its Nature, Scope, Causes and Consequences
  • wcpt.org Welcome to the World Confederation for Physical Therapy website
  • disabilityfilms.co.uk Films Movies involving Disabilities. This site presents a detailed list of 2,500 feature films which involve in one way or another various disabilities
  • disabilitynorth.org.uk Disability North Promoting inclusion, independence and choice for disabled people
  • outsiders.org.uk Welcome to our Microcosm of Acceptance a dynamic club for cool disabled people
  • shada.org.uk SHADA was formed in 2005 by the Outsiders Trust to bring together professionals who work with disabled people and empower us to support disabled people in their sex and relationship needs
  • spinalcordinjury.co.uk Spinal injury, spinal cord injury, spinal injury lawyer London, injuries spinal
  • tlc-trust.org.uk Connecting disabled men women to responsible sex workers, therapists, teachers
  • wearefreewheeling.org.uk Freewheeling is a disability led initiative focused on providing a ‘hub’ around which to foster integrated arts projects
  • wingsonwheels.co.uk Whatever advice you need about travel for the less mobile and people with special needs, you have come to the right place!
  • accesskeys.org Access Keys checks websites and offers awards based on how accessible and easy to use they are. We have studied current standards and real world problems and used our findings to design six different awards
  • aerobility.com Aerobility
  • browsealoud.com BrowseAloud reads web pages aloud for people who find it difficult to read online. Reading large amounts of text on screen can be difficult for those with literacy and visual impairments
  • coolcrutches.com Cool Crutches | Coloured Crutches
  • cyclonemobility.com Cyclone UK - Lightweight Wheelchairs and Mobility Equipment Online
  • disabilityuk.com Disability UK main page. Your world site for disability info and disability Health Information
  • etre.com Usability - We can make your website easy to use. Accessibility - We can increase the reach of your website and fulfil legal requirements. Findability - We can make your content easy to find and simple to navigate
  • humanfactors.com Human Factors International is the world’s largest usability company, leading the industry in process-driven usability operations
  • inclusivedesigntoolkit.com Welcome to the inclusive design toolkit
  • independentliving.co.uk Independent Living - a resource for disabled and elderly people, carers, and health and social care professionals
  • juicystudio.com Luminosity Colour Contrast Ratio Analyser
  • luggiescooters.com Luggie Mobility Scooters
  • mobilitysvm.com Mobility SVM | General Motors Mobiltiy Trucks | Accessible Truck | Pickup Wheelchair Lift
  • nu-drive.com Essential Wheelchair Accessory for Manual Wheelchair Users | NuDrive
  • scootamart.com Mobility Scooters, Powerchairs, Electric Wheelchairs, Motability Scooters, Mobility Scooter Hire
  • scubability.net Scuba diving is one of the few sports that crosses many barriers and it is fun to participate regardless of your abilities
  • textic.com  ROKTalk is the low-cost, easy-to-use, text-to-speech SOLUTION for all website owners to ENABLE access to their websites - irrespective of the visual or literacy abilities of the website visitor
  • abilitynet.org.uk Adapting Technology - Changing Lives
  • able2wear.co.uk Disabled clothing and accessories, made to measure disabled clothes and waterproofs UK
  • access.ecs.soton.ac.uk ECS Accessibility Team
  • autoadapt.co.uk Car adaptation driving aids and mobility products from Autoadapt UK
  • autochair.co.uk Autochair Ltd have specialised for many years in the design and manufacture of hoists and other aids to assist the less able
  • disabledkitchens.co.uk Disabled Kitchens, Disabled Kitchen and Kitchens for Disabled people in Scotland
  • dlf-data.org.uk DLF Data - Disability equipment, mobility products, daily living aids
  • epc-wheelchairs.co.uk EPC Wheelchairs - Equipment for the Physically Challenged
  • epilepsy.org.uk/info/photosensitive Photosensitive epilepsy
  • iscos.org.uk The International Spinal Cord Society (ISCoS, formerly IMSoP) promotes the highest standard of care in the practice of spinal cord injury for men, women and children throughout the world
  • kuschall-uk.co.uk Invacare UK
  • liko.com Liko is one of the leading suppliers of patient lifts and slings
  • mobilityequipment.co.uk Mobility Equipment | mobility scooters | mobility aids | adjustable beds | electric wheelchairs | powerchairs| stairlifts | rise recline chairs | wheelchairs
  • mountaintrike.co.uk Mountain Trike The All Terrain Wheelchair Company | The Mountain Trike Company
  • silversex.net SilverSex makes erotic sex furniture designed to help lovers with physical difficulties and mobility issues have enjoyable sex. It enables semi disabled lovers, elderly lovers and lovers of all ages with disabilities to have great sex.
  • spokz.co.uk Spokz | Disability sports accessories, lifestyle equipment and wellbeing services
  • susanaustin.co.uk Sue Austin is a multimedia, performance and installation artist
  • try.powermapper.com PowerMapper Software products are used in more than 50 countries by some of the world's largest organizations. Over 30% of the Fortune 100 use our products
  • valuemobility.co.uk Mobility Scooters and Powered Wheelchairs Value Mobility Scooters
  • webcredible.co.uk User experience services Webcredible offers a range of usability, accessibility design services for websites, intranets, mobile devices applications
  • accessibility.co.uk My name is Jon Gibbins. I’m a developer and founding member of Analog, specialising in accessibility and interface design
  • reboundtherapy.org ebound Therapy – Founded 1972 in the UK by Eddy Anderson
  • barnsleyhospital.nhs.uk Добро пожаловать в больницу города Барнзли
  • wfnr.co.uk The World Federation for NeuroRehabilitation (WFNR) is a multidisciplinary organisation open to any professional with an interest in neurological rehabilitation
  • ableradio.com Able Radio is a live, online, radio station presenting shows at the heart of the disabled community
  • accessibleaccommodation.com Welcome to Accessible Accommodation
  • barrierfreetravels.com Barrier Free Travels | Travel Information For Slow Walkers to Wheelchair Users
  • charitytrends.org Charities Aid Foundation
  • disabilityhorizons.com Disability Horizons
  • disabledaccessholidays.com Disabled Holidays - Wheelchair accessible holidays in wheelchair accessible accommodation - Disabled Accessible Holidays abroad
  • goodaccessguide.co.uk Good Access Guide
  • ndcs.org.uk NDCS
  • travelguides.org Disability Travel Information | Disabled Travel | Accessible Travel | Handicapped Travel | Wheelchair Travel
  • accessibletravel.co.uk Disabled Holidays from Accessible Travel
  • posabilitymagazine.co.uk Disability Magazine | PosAbility Magazine
  • tourismforall.org.uk Tourism for All UK is the UK Voice for Accessible Tourism
  • wheelchair-travel.co.uk Wheelchair Travel UK Ltd, Services for the disabled in the UK

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